Đại Lễ Hội Yến Diêu Trì Cung

25/02/2020 25/02/2020

Phạm Hộ Pháp, Thị Trấn Hoà Thành, Hoà Thành, Tây Ninh

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Each year in the full moon of August, at Tay Ninh Holy See, there will be a dragon dance including Long, Lan, Quy and Phung in Yen Dieu Tri Cung Festival. In the mid-autumn season, the atmosphere of Tay Ninh becomes quite bustling because this is the time of the biggest festival of the year for Cao Dai followers: the Festival of Yen Dieu Tri Cung. This festival includes the ceremony and the festival, in which the ceremony is focused more. Not everyone knows about this festival of Cao Dai followers, but if you come to Tay Ninh a week before the Mid-Autumn Festival, you will definitely feel the bustling atmosphere. The church renovated everything from the streets, the plants, the flower pots. They also redecorated large gates and erected rows of cinemas around the Buddha Shrine. The beauty of a religious festival festival is that Cao Dai followers this time volunteered to go to the Holy See to help and do the work. According to Caodaists, the full moon in August is an opportunity to do charitable works, so no one counts and compares the contribution.

People from near and far crowded to gather to Cao Dai Holy See to participate in the Great Festival.



The ceremony is in the tradition of the religion, worshiping on the night of the 15th lunar calendar, lasting from the afternoon to twelve o'clock with many activities such as the procession of the Buddha and the bridegroom of Tien Nuong, dragon dance, jade unicorn, rules, serve; The dance team and the majestic music team. In particular, the procession of the Lord Buddha's parade took place very loudly, followed by the band, drum team, dancer and lion dance team. On holidays, observing the main sanctuary of the holy building, you will see hundreds of exhibition booths displaying gift giving surrounded. Those are just ordinary flowers and fruits, but thanks to the talented hands of artisans, they create many brilliant and lively works on many topics such as Long, Lan, Quy, Phung ... Especially, Dragon dance is a unique feature only in Tay Ninh. The dragon nearly 20 meters long is controlled by 30 dancers. Just by looking from afar, you can see a bright sky. Incense smoke constantly moving that witnesses around it feel the power and dignity of the sacred animal in the faith. The incense dragon will slowly turn itself towards the Holy See.

Dragon dance.


From 4 am to 10 pm pilgrims can come in and eat as they please. It is estimated that the number of people who come here to eat vegetarian is up to 25,000. In the mid-autumn season it rains often, but most Cao Dai devotees and pilgrims have no difficulty managing to come to the festival. Yen Dieu Tri Cung Festival is a beauty of living in Tay Ninh in general and Cao Dai in particular. The ceremony contains many values ​​that are not only spiritual, but also have a positive impact on daily life. Because it is a very big festival for Cao Dai followers, visitors also experience many other special activities such as performing martial arts, writing poems, plays, playing chess, arranging flower arrangements or making cakes. In particular, visitors come here also have the opportunity to enjoy extremely delicious vegetarian meals that no other place has. This is the largest and most crowded collective vegetarian meal. There are nearly 500 people who work as volunteers, cooking for pilgrims during 3 days, from the 13th to the full moon of August.


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