Ky Yen, Gia Loc, Trang Bang

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Ky Yen, Gia Loc, Trang Bang


Gia Loc Communal House is located in Loc Thanh Quarter, Trang Bang Town, built more than two centuries ago, is a work of historical significance, worshiping Mr. Ca Dang Van Prior, who reclaimed the land and established a hamlet. , building a village, establishing a market, and cultivating Trang Bang land.

In 1994, Dinh Gia Loc was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national historical and cultural relic.


Historical-cultural relics of the temple of Mr. Dang Van Truoc


The commemoration ceremony at Gia Loc temple is held annually on the 14th, 15th and 16th of the third lunar month, and is a festival for people around the region to have opportunities to exchange, cultural activities, community engagement, and showing transmission. drink water remember the nation's source. The festival becomes a folk belief activity of Trang people, pray for favorable rain and wind, good crops, and the villagers have a peaceful, prosperous and prosperous life.

Ceremony of the communal house includes rituals: worshiping of the spirit, righteous worship, worshiping money, posting, building betrothal and great blessing. The worshiping ceremony shows the spirit of drinking water to remember the source and community cohesion, not only in Gia Loc commune or Trang Bang district, but also spread to many places inside and outside the province.

The anniversary of the death of Gia Loc Trang Bang temple


With special historical, cultural and scientific values, in 2012, Ky Yen Festival in Gia Loc family was recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national intangible cultural heritage. .

Also on the occasion of Ky Yen holiday, social work has always been concerned by Ban Khanh Tiet, has mobilized many sponsors and benefactors to donate money and material, thereby hundreds of gifts were given to poor people in Gia Loc commune and Trang Bang Town.


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